Got Juice?


Everyone wants to live long and look great doing. In order to do so, creating a healthy lifestyle is key. Growing up my mother taught me about the importance of juicing. Specifically green vegetables and plants like wheatgrass. However Juicing can get costly because in order to get a decent amount of juice you have to buy a ton of groceries. So when you can't do it at home, find someone to do it for you. I found a great place called Main Squeeze. It is located on Lakeshore Ave in Oakland and is giving Jamba Juice a run for it's money. They offer fresh squeezed juices, smoothies and even acai bowls (which I am currently addicted to.) 


Juicing has so many health benefits that I could write 10 different blogs and still have content to share (I won't do that to do you here) However one benefit especially if you are on the go a lot is that you can get a days worth of vegetable servings in one juice (or shot of wheatgrass!). So if you know you going to be home late or can get enough veggies in one of your meals juice can fill that void. However even though juicing contains abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients it should not completely replace solid fruits and veggies, use juicing in tandem with your diet.  


Make sure you slide by Main Squeeze and try them out! The Maca Mama and Oasis Bowl are amazing. Tell them we sent ya!

As TOLD by Maryam