When I heard through the grapevine that JAYSTONE had a lot to do with the music in the movie MORRIS OF AMERICA, I had to get some words on his experience. I was excited when I saw the preview because the movie showcases the love for a HIP HOP and the roads it can take you on.  With recognition from funny man CRAIG ROBINSON, Jay STONE has did his thing on a unique project to add to his discography.

Check out the preview of MORRIS FROM AMERICA.


What was it like to work on this project rather than any other body of work?

This project was different because it was more premeditated than usual (it's usually not premeditated at all). It was a dope opportunity, but I didn't really know where I was going to go with the music. I had the instrumentals, but I didn't have much inspiration. I did have a plethora of unrecorded lyrics I had written though. I just dug thru the archives, and found some works that got me excited and I hit the studio. I didn't think about it to much. I just had fun with it, and I think the tracks gave the film a certain element of energy and intrigue.

How did it feel to walk on the red carpet for a movie that the world has access to see your music?

It's was doooooope! A lot of people already knew who I was the stars of the film, Craig Robinson and Markees Christmas. They were all telling me how great of a job I did on the music, and how they really liked it. It felt good being acknowledged and complimented on my work, because I take pride in my craft. It was a great experience.

If you remember your first rap, can you recite it?

Here's a few bars from one of my very first verses I ever wrote ...I recorded it, but never released it.

"...view life thru a macro lens,
spit photography;
sacrilegious personnel,
blatant no apology;
I'm further down under,
than where Satan or koalas be;
prematurely asking for forgiveness,
...God is calling me;
wit' my perfecto-flow,
lyrics flare lungs grow;
it's so rare that I can't,
find a word to go;
...wit' pneumono-,
in a mass supply;
I can't stop it,
only doses for the mind;
metaphorical prophet,
sent way before his time..."

What's your top 3 songs that you hate to love?


1. Bless the Telephone - Labi Siffre
2. Saint Pablo - Kanye West feat. Sampha
3. Walking In Space - Quincy Jones