FOOD : FORGE, Oakland

You must eat...

Well this place has all three. Really creative pizza combos that are locally sourced and seasonal. I had one that was topped with Ricotta, potatoes, shallots and Fontina cheese. It was extremely flavorful an complimented the rest of my meal really well. If you do decide to check it out you must have the cheese curds. The name sounds kinda crazy but they are reminiscent of mozzarella sticks without the super heavy breading. They are light, fluffy, and crispy at the same time (yum!). I also really enjoyed the sauteed shisito peppers with lemon.

Forge is also great for hanging out with friends and groups since they have a pretty big indoor space and an outdoor patio that's heated, so it's perfect for chilly nights by the water. On top of the food being great the service was great as well (which is a HUGE plus for me). So make sure you stop by and try it out and let us know what you got!



66 Franklin St Oakland, CA 94607