BOUNCE back on WEAK? Natural Hangover remedies that REALLY work !

Working in NIGHTLIFE causes for a lot of drinking unless you have real good self control.  Bouncing back from wine or Hennesey and a long night of anything is not easy for me these days. But some how I have finally figured out how to prepare ahead of time in order to prevent the dreadful next day. With that said, here are a my favorite HANGOVER remedies that really work.



The Super B Complex vitamin contains [B vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12] which are all effected when heavily drinking. After a night of any amount of alcohol consumption, the B complex shot or pill prevents your B alkaline from dropping. Boosting your alcohol metabolism and allowing you to feel more refreshed in the morning.


Drinking Pickle Juice has many healthy advantages, one of them being hydration.  I already love pickles so much that I drink don't mind Pickle Juice daily.  So next time you twist your nose up to the sour smelling pickled cucumber remember that Pickle Juice may be a little tart but it can hydrate, detox, and help you shed a few pounds all with one swig.

KEEP IT LIT [ More Alcohol Please ! ]

What's one more ?!? RIGHT


Not only does drinking Gatorade and Pedialyte hydrate the body, smearing honey on toast, scrambling eggs, and banana's are all good foods that can help reflect a hangover. Replinish your sugar levels, protein intake, and electrolytes with a few of my [not so] favorite fruits and foods.


Activated Charcoal [AC] does so many wonders to the body.  It whitens teeth, prevents gas, and ABSORBS INTESTINAL IMPURITIES which help prevent hangovers.  Although Activated Charcoal can cause some constipation drinking a glass of AC water will block you from getting alcohol poisoning.