Journal : Happy Valentine's Day

So as Valentine's Day is commencing [TG], I am sitting in WeWork [City Center] reflecting on some odd feelings that just spurted in my whole chest.  I've also been wanting to relaunch my blog but just didn't have the courage to release a post that I thought was worthy of ya'll reading but whatever. Here we go.

I woke up feeling ready for today, fresh off vacationing in Cabo with a bunch of exciting emails about the Women In Music Festival + Red Corvette booking calls scheduled. Worked out, ate like 3 meals, and then it hit me as I was getting dressed for my evening work date with the ladies of Stage 30 BAMMM I started to feel all sad and lonely and shit. Not because I am not happy with being single but because I am confused to how all of these people all of sudden have boyfriends/girlfriends and are all in love all of sudden. I know it's not really my business but how did a lot of my peers become so romantic and clever with their love posts while I am posting myself in Cabo holding a bottle of Lambrusco in one hand and Cooks Brut Champagne in the other. Where did I go wrong with not having someone to shoutout on V-Day? How do I throw an R&B party every month while still not knowing how to lock in a date? lol [these thoughts immediately left my brain as I started to write this post]

Don't get me wrong. I actually am a hopeless romantic and read/talk with friends about LOVE all the time because I want to personally get better at love.  I don't feel like I've loved, cared, or have been appreciated by someone that I like of the opposite sex me since I was 16 years old.  I am always journaling trying to find answers on how to like/love and I fail at it all the time.  I don't want to shut down on some fuh dudes and relationships stuff but I do try to be more cautious because I am not the "love 'em and leave 'em" type no more. Lil baby be wanting some steady lovin'. Ugh

-The End


With all that said, look out for more journal entries about managing myself + festival planning, DJ mixes/playlists, recipes, and self-care blog posts going forward. I am not going to over work myself by promising daily posts but am pushing to post weekly.