Red Corvette, born Carmena Victoria, is a DJ, Event Planner, and Visionary from the Bay Area. As an intern for 106 KMEL, she always wanted a career in music just hadn’t fell into her niche until she bought her first controller Jan 2012. With just a few years in, Red is currently Rayana Jay's official DJ, event experience curator for HellaJawns, and founder of WIM BAY AREA continually impressing friends and promote womxn inclusion throughout the music industry of the Bay Area. Skillfully spinning ambiguous Bay Area slaps with current music, alongside a genre-intermix of hip hop, experimental trap, soul, electronic and r&b; Red’s miscellaneous musical taste, incredible fashion steez, and energy is highly favored by her creative friends and fans.

“I enjoy turning heads when I drop my favorite tracks, it gives me a rush to know that people enjoy and believe in my musical steez.”

Red Corvette currently resides in San Francisco. She has a DJ residency with For The Love of Music, Parliament, and Champagne & Cupcakes, a popular lifestyle party that she continues to establish.